CIRCLE (Human Rights) Committee AGM

Sunday, January 21, 2024

10 AM -

Via Zoom

The PSAC BC CIRCLE COMMITTEE (formerly Okanagan Human Rights Cmtee)

The “CIRCLE” acronym stands for Coastal North and Interiors, Rights, Community, Leadership and Engagement Committee. This is a group of members from the north and interior of BC that come together to work on human rights and equity issues.

Save the Date! The CIRCLE Committee 2024 AGM is scheduled to take place January 21 at 10 AM via Zoom. for the Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance.

Proposed AGM Agenda

  1. Land Acknowledgment 
  2. Adopt Agenda
  3. Approval of 2023 AGM Minutes
  4. Approval of 2022 Financial Report
  5. Approval of 2023 Budget
  6. Elections of Executive Members
  7. Roundtable