FB Bargaining Update: Union Raises Scheduling and Pension Issues

Bargaining Team continues to demand fair scheduling practices, seniority rights and pension reform.

Our FB bargaining team met with Treasury Board and CBSA representatives in Ottawa the week of September 12th to continue negotiations for a new contract. Talks over the course of the four days focussed on our proposals concerning VSSA and non-VSSA scheduling, seniority rights and early retirement for CBSA workers.

With respect to scheduling, our team made the point that all workers at CBSA, whether on a VSSA or not, should have fair scheduling regimes and seniority rights like other unionized shift workers across Canada. We cited examples such as the Port of St. John’s Newfoundland where constantly changing schedules are imposed on employees without negotiation with the union and without any respect for employee seniority. We also referenced Pearson Airport in Toronto and the Halifax Region where hundreds of employees have had their seniority rights denied for line assignment and as a result have no say in which shift or line they work. Nor have they any say in their work location.

With respect to pension reform, we re-iterated to CBSA/Treasury Board that we want a commitment in this round of bargaining from CBSA and Treasury Board’s support for a “twenty-five and out” retirement plan, similar to what is in place for other enforcement workers in the federal public sector.

We meet again the week of October 3rd. The Employer committed to provide us with responses of our scheduling proposals when we next meet. We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions speak with a member of our team, a member of your Branch Executive, or go to the PSAC website at www.psac.com for a copy of our demands.