GlobeGround Fuellers: Bargaining Update

After spending some days looking at your input and going through your collective agreement, your bargaining team put together a full package of proposals to renew your collective agreement. And we then sat down with the employer to begin negotiations. We spent three days with them to start the process of getting you a better agreement.

During negotiations, there has been some good movement. We spent most of the time on non-monetary issues. And we signed off on a few of our issues, including getting clear language on shift trades in the agreement, a commitment from the employer to give us a union office, and to have any vacant supervisory jobs posted for everyone so that you know when jobs are available.

However, things are not all good. We put forward a proposal to ensure that the employer doesn’t introduce any split shifts. The employer told us that they don’t plan on introducing split shifts, but they’re not willing to put that commitment into the collective agreement. Without it in writing, you aren’t protected if the employer decides to bring in split shifts in the future. We have told them very clearly that we need to have the protection against split shifts.

Also, your team gave them all of our financial and wage proposals. We will be setting more dates in March. And at that time we’ll be starting to deal with all of the monetary issues.

We will continue to do everything that we can to get you a strong and fair collective agreement.

Your bargaining team:

John Alexandrakis, Ravi Dhami, Elmer Turcios, Seth Sazant, PSAC negotiator and Dave Clark, UCTE Regional VP