Granville Island ratification vote information

The Local 20378 bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) Granville Island, and PSAC members will now have the opportunity to vote on their new collective agreement. The ratification kit can be found below.

PSAC has organized a ratification information session to allow our members working at CMHC Granville Island to be informed on the details of the tentative agreement before you cast your ballot. See below to sign up for the ratification vote webinar. 

In order to be eligible to vote you must: 

  1. Be a Member in Good Standing with the PSAC
  2. Attend a short Webinar session

If you are a RAND member or a member who is not in good standing, and do not complete the membership card (per the instructions in step 1), you will not be entitled to vote on the ratification, but will be able to vote to indicate whether you authorize or do not authorize strike authorization. 


In some situations, PSAC members cease being members in good standing (MIGS).  To confirm your status, please contact the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office in the following circumstances: 

If you are on extended leave 

If you are on extended leave (e.g., long term disability, maternity or parental leave) and therefore may not be a member in good standing (MIGS), you can make a request to remain in good standing to the National President via this online form.  

If you have not signed a union card or are unsure that it has been processed 

If you have never signed a union card you can fill out and membership pledge card online. 

If you are unsure that you have previously signed a card or are unsure that it has been processed, simply fill out a membership pledge card online

Even if you are already a member in good standing, please take a moment to give us your personal, non-work email address. You can update your contact information online right now.

If you have difficulty updating your information, contact the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office


In order to ensure that members are fully informed prior to casting their ballot, the PSAC constitution requires all members to attend an information session before they vote. This session will be held by webinar and will allow members to ask questions regarding the content of the tentative agreement. Attendance will be tracked and only those who registered and attended the full presentation will have their vote counted towards ratification.

Your PSAC ID is required to register for the webinar. If you do not know your PSAC ID number, you can contact the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office to obtain it. 

Please note that registration will close 30 minutes before the webinar starts. Make sure to register early in order to secure your spot.

It is strongly recommended that you join the webinar online and only call into the webinar if you have no other option. This will allow you to pose questions in the question box, follow along with the presentation, and easily have your attendance tracked. Those who join by phone will have to go through an additional verification process.

Note: GoToWebinar is not supported on Internet Explorer. Please use a different browser to register for the webinar (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

  • CMHC GRANVILLE ISLAND VOTE – Tuesday August 24, 2021 – 12:00 PM
    Register Here

Online webinar participation is preferred 

We strongly recommend joining via browser or the GoToWebinar app (iPhoneAndroid) as this allows us to automatically track your attendance. If you wish to join by phone, you can have your participation counted by briefly joining the webinar via browser or the app and retrieving an audio PIN using the control panel. You can then log off the online webinar to continue listening by calling in by phone and have your participation counted.

If you will be joining by phone and are unable to retrieve an audio PIN through the app or browser, please note that your attendance will not be automatically registered. Therefore, you must inform the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office of your presence on the webinar. Instructions on how to do so will be provided during the webinar. If we do not have a record of your attendance, your vote will not be counted. 

Requests for accommodation  

If you require any accommodation to be able to participate fully in the webinar (such as ASL interpretation), please contact the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office as soon as possible.  

Technical notes 

Please join the webinar a few minutes early to make sure you are able to log-in and address any technical problems in advance. 

NOTE: The webinar may not work on all tablets. 


As a PSAC member working for CMHC Granville Island, you will have the opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement with your employer using a mail-in ballot that PSAC will mail to the address we have on file.

You will vote on the tentative agreement by mail. As stated above, you must attend an information session before voting. 

  • Please follow the instruction outlined in the mail-in vote document below
  • This vote is by secret ballot. How you vote is entirely confidential.