Granville Island: Strike Preparation Training

All members working at Granville Island are encouraged to attend one of these training sessions, which will provide participants with the knowledge and the skills to understand what strike action is; what their roles are; the skills and confidence necessary to picket effectively; the ability to understand the personal problems that striking workers may face, etc.

  • Hear from your Regional Executive Vice President, Jamey Mills, and Negotiator, Verda Cook.
  • Loss of salary (where applicable) will be reimbursed. Members must provide their shift schedule.
  • Family care will be reimbursed as per the PSAC policy on family care.

The training will give participants a trade union attitude towards strikes and will give them the skills to conduct an effective strike at the local level and will be an opportunity to ask questions and understand the issues at hand.

Registration and session times:

PLEASE BE SURE TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE – members who are scheduled to work during the training should please request approval from your manager to attend the training under section 8 of the Granville Island Collective Agreement (subject to operational requirements).

Each session is limited to 16 participants.