Hands Off Our Pension – Tell Flaherty not to reduce the deficit on the backs of public service workers

Once again, it’s time to fight for our pension plan.

As recently reported in the media, Prime Minister Harper, Finance Minister Flaherty and other Ministers are openly talking about the Public Service Superannuation Plan, and leaving the door open to changes in the upcoming federal budget. Those changes could include reducing benefits, changing the plan for new and younger employees and/or increasing contribution rates even more.

We heard the same kind of talk in 2010 and in response PSAC mounted a collective, concerted and ultimately successful campaign to protect our pension plan.

In 2010 we collected thousands of signatures to the “Hands Off Our Pension” petition and we will be asking every single one of those people to write to Flaherty and their local MP – again – urging them to stand in support of our pension plan and benefits. And, as we were in 2010, we have to be visible in our workplaces.

What you can do to protect the plan.

  • Send an email message to Flaherty. Use our sample, add your comments or create your own.
  • Wear the “Hands off our pension” sticker and distribute them to your co-workers.
  • Stickers are being distributed via the Local structure: if you or your worksite have not received any and would like a supply, contact your PSAC Regional Office.
  • Sign up for email updates on the latest actions to protect our pensions.

This is a fight we won once before and we will win again, but we cannot wait until the budget is tabled. We need to take action now!