Have you been Hurt By Canada Life?

Tell the Liberal Government how the botched transfer to Canada Life has impacted you and your family

The change from Sun Life to Canada Life, initiated and operationalized by the employer, was not part of PSAC and other unions’ negotiations on a new health care plan. Several months after this switch, tens of thousands of federal workers and retirees are still experiencing unacceptable issues with their new health care coverage.

When the transition from Sunlife to Canada Life this past summer, PSAC provided recommendations for a smooth transition, which included a full-time call centre where members could call for help. Unfortunately, our recommendations were not implemented when the transition took effect on July 1, 2023.

This employer-initiated transition to Canada Life has turned into another fiasco for PSAC members and their dependents. As the employer, the government needs to get to the bottom of how it has — once again — botched the rollout of a critical program for its employees. Pay and benefits are essential services, and our members deserve better from this government, Canada’s largest employer.  

It’s the government’s responsibility to hold Canada Life accountable to find solutions and restore the standard of service health care plan members and their families deserve. 

Let’s tell this government how the transition has failed public service workers and their families. PSAC is organizing a national week of action to show the Liberal government how Canada Life has failed the plan members. Join us and TAKE ACTION during the week of November 20-24.


Here’s what we’re asking members to do:

Print out the online action placard linked at the bottom of this page. On the placard, write how the transfer to Canada Life has negatively impacted you:

  • Have you been on hold for hours and days?
  • Are you or your dependent no longer approved for required medications?
  • Are you not able to speak to a Canada Life agent?
  • Are you paying out of pockets for necessary medications and services previously covered?
  • Are you still waiting for reimbursements?
  • Are you going without necessary medications and services because you cannot afford the upfront out-of-pocket costs or the wait to be reimbursed?

We want you to tell us about your personal experience with Canada Life thus far.

Members can then take picture with their placard and post it online on their own social media feeds. Be sure to tag PSAC BC (@psacbc), PSAC National (@psac-afpc) and include the tag #HurtByCanadaLife. You can also tag Treasury Board President Anita Anand’s and PSCP Minister Jean-Yves Duclos’s public social media accounts.

If members would prefer, they can simply email their pics to PSAC BC at SchnidK@psac-afpc.com and we will use them on the PSAC BC social media feeds using these same tags. We will keep member names anonymous.

We’ve also created a #HurtByCanadaLife virtual background for use in meetings and online events. You can download the virtual background at the bottom of this page.


Members are also encouraged to sign the online action set up on the national website, where they can email their own MP about the impact Canada Life has had on them.