IMP bargaining update: Union pushes back against IMP’s stall tactics

In our last update we told you that IMP dragged its feet for months and months and the Arbitrator had no other choice but to order the employer to an arbitration at the end of February. Several weeks later, IMP informed us that its representatives were not available at that time.

We asked that the arbitration be done through written submissions – instead of an in-person hearing – so that we could get our collective agreement settled sooner. The Arbitrator agreed and the parties will exchange their arbitration briefs January 15th. We will have one month to reply in writing. The Arbitrator will decide if she would like to hold a hearing to seek clarification on any of the issues, and then she will issue a decision.

IMP has repeatedly demonstrated how little respect it has for us as employees. It has been over 2 years since our collective agreement expired and there are serious problems in the workplace that need to be addressed. It’s appalling that our employer would delay resolving these issues.

We look forward to getting to the arbitration early next year and finally resolving our collective agreement. Thank you for your support during this difficult round of negotiations.

If you have any questions speak with a member of our Bargaining Team (Rick, Phil and Jamie).

PSAC Members at IMP Comox – United for a Fair Contract