International Women’s Day 2015 – Celebrating our sisters: Defending the rights of all women

PSAC members have much to be proud of: our union has led the path for women’s equality and human rights for the last 35 years. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate our members and the victories we’ve won for women.

Beginning with the historic 1980 clerical workers’ strike, PSAC has fought and achieved concrete improvements for women at the bargaining table, in the courts and through mobilization and action. We fought for employment equity and pay equity, health and safety in the workplace, human rights, strong benefits and work-life balance. Truly, PSAC works for women.

If federal public service workers have good working conditions, it is because we are unionized and we are a fighting union. We cannot take these gains for granted! The conservative government attacks are rolling back the victories we’ve won.

Women are all affected by the Conservative government policies, and PSAC members are fighting back:

  • We are fighting at the bargaining table, to defend our right to a healthy workplace.
  • We are calling for an inquiry into the missing and murdered Aboriginal women.
  • We are working in coalition with unions and child care advocates to spring into action for child care.

Everywhere across the country, our members are involved in International Women’s Day events.

On March 8, the World March of Women will launch its campaign, called: Freedom for our Bodies, our Land, our Territories. PSAC supports the World March and we join their call for the elimination of the causes of poverty and violence against women worldwide.

On International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate women’s strength and courage. Let’s get organized to fight back against the conservative attacks and defend women’s rights. We need a government that works for women!