Kitchen Table Talks: Celebrate Women’s History Month with PSAC BC

The PSAC BC Regional Council Women’s Coordinator and Alternates will be celebrating Women’s History Month this October by hosting a series of Kitchen Table Talks via Zoom. This interactive series is open to all PSAC BC members who identify as women: each week will feature a different topic and host.

Finding My Way Within The Union with Lea Serron

Have you considered getting involved with the union but you’re not sure what that would entail?  Whether you’re a new union member or have been around for years, it’s never too early or too late to get involved so let’s talk about finding the right fit for you that capitalizes on your skillsets and interests.

Work Life Balance with Nielene Chand

We live in a world with competing demands so how can you find time in your schedule for work, family, union, and time for you?  Join busy mom, Nielene, for a chat about how she finds time for work AND play, and how you can too.

How Do I Say No with Karen Sutton

We all want to give everyone our best but we can only do that when we practice self-care.  Join a talk with Karen about the art of saying no and why it’s imperative we make ourselves a priority. 


Join Karen, Lea, and Nielene in a celebration of Sisterhood!  Let’s talk about what Sisterhood means to you and why it’s so important.


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