Letters to BC Senators re: Bills C-377 and C-525

The fall session of the Senate has returned with renewed debate on Bill C-377 and Bill C-525. REVP Bob Jackson has written a letter to five Senators from British Columbia, outlining the problems inherent in the legislation, and calling on Senators to allow both bills to proceed to full committee hearings and study.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada BC Region stands by our assessment of t Bill C-377 as creating unnecessary bureaucratic red tape that would be expensive for government to administer and would intrude on individual privacy.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada, BC Region, which represents 17,500 workers in BC, is opposed to any federal legislation which undermines the stability and balance in Canada’s labour relations system. Our labour relations system is supported by both unions and employers and is effective in resolving the overwhelming majority of disputes without a work stoppage. The system is the result of a genuine and proven consultative and consensus process among the stakeholders.

Download a copy of the letter below. Letters were sent to BC Senators Yonah Martin, Larry Campbell, Mobina Jaffer, Richard Neufeld, and Nancy Raine.