Local government elections matter – a message from Jamey Mills, regional executive vice-president


Local governments, which include municipal councils, regional districts, and school boards, have a greater impact on our day-to-day lives than many of us realize.

Most of the services that we access daily are administered by local governments: the roads we drive on, the water we drink, the libraries we visit, and the schools our children attend. Local governments also make decisions affecting public transit, affordable housing, land use, and parklands. 

B.C. municipalities spend more than $8 billion each year. The ways in which municipal councils prioritize this spending has a very large impact on the lives of working people, including affordable housing, recreation centres, and essential infrastructure.

This is why the Canadian Labour Congress and your local labour councils have worked hard to engage union members in civic affairs. The CLC’s Stronger Communities Together campaign has always sought to build strong, productive relationships between unions and local governments so that they can work together to build robust and economically vibrant communities. 

Local government elections will take place in BC in October 15.

I hope that you take some time to speak to the candidates running for election and ask them where they stand on issues of importance to working people, such as how they will invest in your community, ensure sustainability, and encourage family-supporting jobs.

District Labour Councils – representing union members across the province – have also spent time talking to and questioning many of the candidates in the civic elections and have compiled a list of municipal and school board candidates who

  • Support the interests of working families;
  • Understand that public services and programs enhance our quality of life;
  • Realize the importance of a strong public education system;
  • Recognize that contracting out and privatization are not cost-effective;
  • Value the contribution of public sector workers; and
  • Know that a strong community depends on local control and decision-making.

As in past, PSAC BC will share this information as it becomes available and we ask that you consider giving your support to these candidates.

On October 15 you have an opportunity to elect representatives who will support public services, help make our communities more resilient, and will support the needs of our diverse population.

The time that it takes you to vote is a small investment that can have a great return.

In Solidarity,

Jamey Mills
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Regional Executive Vice President, BC

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