Members working at Granville Island have a new collective agreement

PSAC BC is happy to announce that – after a strong show of solidarity from the membership, the labour movement, and the community at Granville Island – a new collective agreement has been ratified by members of Local 20378. 

The new contract expires in March 2024 and contains a fair wage increase, increased clarity around performance awards and the use of casual employees, stronger language around contracting out, a reduction in the number of days required to earn vacation credits, an expansion of the bereavement leave provisions, and up to ten paid days of leave for workers who experience domestic violence.

The new collective agreement does not contain any concessions. 

The bargaining team would like to thank all the members for their tremendous support and solidarity during a long, tough round of bargaining. 

Approximately 60 members of Local 20378 work at Granville Island, performing a wide variety of administrative, maintenance, and public outreach duties.