Message from Priscilla Lam, newly elected PSAC BC regional council women’s coordinator

Hello sisters and friends,

My name is Priscilla Lam (she/her/they/them) and I am proud to introduce myself as your new Women’s Coordinator on the PSAC BC Regional Council. The Alternate Women’s Coordinators in numerical order are Ashley-Rae Snape, Monica Racz, and Alisha Uppal.

It has been 3 years since the start of the pandemic and now many workers, a lot of which are women, are being forced to rearrange their lives yet again to go back to work in the office twice a week. They are forced to exhaust all their resources to find childcare and elder care to return to the office. 

I understand the importance of Sisterhood and community, especially during these challenging times, which is why I have been working diligently with the women’s committees throughout the region to implement the Sister Check-In initiative.

Sister Check-In is open to all PSAC BC members who identify as women and through this initiative, women will be matched with other Union Sisters in their region and/or geographic area. Sister Check-In is a fantastic way to support your Union Sisters, make new friends, and share interests. If you know other sisters who would like to participate in the Sister Check-In Initiative, please send them this link to the Survey.

It is vital that Sisters out there feel connected to and supported by others, which is why I am committed to not only Sister Check-In but more importantly, to my union sisters, period. Please encourage all PSAC-BC sisters to self-identify to receive important information and opportunities related to women’s issues.  

Please feel free to connect with me by phone text or email with questions, concerns, or suggestions as I want to work with you to make this an even better union for all of us and future generations. My contact number is 236-833-9337 and my email is

In solidarity,

Priscilla Lam

PSAC BC Regional Council Women’s Coordinator