Message from the REVP: Federal Cuts & Work Force Adjustment

** To: PSAC Locals and Activists in BC – please forward widely **
I know that this week has been a difficult one for many PSAC members as many of us, and perhaps yourself included, received Work Force Adjustment affected letters. I want to let you know that PSAC is continuing our fight back campaign against these cuts.
I hope you’ve seen our response in the media, both nationally and regionally, in recent times. We have been working hard on our message – that the cuts contained in the budget and like the ones we’ve seen this week are bad for Canadians, bad for the economy, and bad for the workers that provide public services. We want Canadians to see that PSAC is standing up for the public services they need and for a strong economy and we want Canadians to question the direction this government is taking the country in, and its credibility as a steward of the economy.
We are also continuing to assist members and ensure they receive their full rights and entitlements under the WFA Appendix.
I encourage all PSAC members to familiarize themselves with their rights under the WFAA and to make use of the tools and educational materials that PSAC has available.

  • WFA at the national website –
  • Lunch-time WFA sessions, education, and support – contact your PSAC Regional Representative

As we move forward with our campaign to de-popularize the cuts I ask all members, particularly those that have received affected letters, to contact their Member of Parliament, no matter what party they belong to. Tell your MP about the job you do and how cuts at your worksite will affect the public, or have already. The government did not consult the people who provide services or the people who rely on them before deciding to make these cuts, and they must be held accountable.
It’s also important that PSAC and the Components be informed of how cuts in your workplace will affect you and your co-workers. Please forward any updates and information to my office as well as to your Component Officers.
Strong unions need representatives like you to ensure members rights are protected during these challenging times. Thank you for the work you do for the PSAC membership.
In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson