National Public Services Week – Standing Together For Our Public Services

*** To: PSAC Activists in BC

As you know, National Public Services Week is taking place June 10th – 16th, under the theme “Celebrating our Commitment!”

This celebration is being organized at the same time as thousands of PSAC members, including almost 900 to date in BC, have been given affected letters.

This is bad for PSAC members and bad for the Canadians that depend on the public services we deliver.

We want to send a clear message of protest to our employers and the Government, by boycotting NPSW activities.

Instead of participating in employer events during public service week, we ask that Locals and members organize our own Solidarity events, under the theme “Standing Together For Our Public Services”.

Examples of events that can be organized include

  • Solidarity gatherings, meetings, barbecues, etc. at lunch or after work
  • “Standing Together” photo opportunities, similar to our March 1st event
  • OpEd or letter writing campaigns to local media
  • MP lobbying, email, or letter-writing campaigns

Download the poster below (pdf) that can be printed and distributed in worksites – we will have hard copies as well as smaller postcards available soon.

Contact the REVP’s office, your PSAC Regional Representative, or your component for more information, materials, or assistance with organizing an event, lobbying, or letter-writing.

Let’s make our voices heard during National Public Services Week!

In Solidarity, Bob Jackson, REVP