non-PSAC Education Event Subsidies for the CLC Women in Leadership Training, October 2023

The PSAC B.C. Education Program is happy to support members in BC who are attending the CLC Women in Leadership Training taking place October 16-19 2023 in Burnaby, by offering four (4) subsidies of $250 to cover the registration fee for the course.

This subsidy is open to any members who identify as women or who are gender diverse, including non-binary, gender fluid, gender-nonconforming or genderqueer leaders.

Successful applicants will be notified by the Regional Education Officer and the approved subsidy will be issued after attending the course, confirmation of attendance has been received and a report provided.

More information about process and the online subsidy application is available here.

Applications should:

  • Be received by September 6, 2023 (approximately four (4) weeks prior to registration deadline of September 29, 2023).
  • Contain a rationale why the course would be valuable for the applicant.
  • Indicate how much funding is requested and any other efforts the applicant has made to obtain funding.
  • Give an indication how the information/experience obtained at the course will be used by the participant in union activities.
  • Include a commitment to provide a written report to the Regional Education Officer and the Regional Executive Vice President (REVP) office within one month following the course.
  • Whether the applicant has previously received PSAC BC Region subsidies will be taken into consideration in addition to the above required information.
  • The Regional Education Officer will make recommendations on successful applicants to the REVP following consultation with the BC Regional Council Education Committee and the Regional Coordinator. The REVP will make the final decision.