Okanagan Human Rights Committee picture project

Have you talked to your child/children about Human Rights? Children are our reservoir of hope for humankind. Through their perceptions of our world, we can guide our path into the future, a future that should translate into a decent, safe life for everybody. So, ask what Human Rights mean to them!!! 

Would that be……..

  • Clean water?
  • shelter?
  • food?
  • care?
  • attending school?
  • being healthy?

The Human Rights Committee from PSAC – Okanagan wants to share our children’s vision on Human Rights!!!  We are undertaking a project of pictures and would love your contribution. Children can be any age and we encourage every member to send us something. Pictures may be used for a variety of human rights projects such as a Human Rights calendar.

Send the pictures to PSAC Okanagan Human Rights c/o 9291 Kokanee Rd Vernon, BC V1H 1K4 or scan and email to ahale@shaw.ca

Annette Hale USGE          Maria-Luiza Romano AGRU          Kelly Megyesi CEIU