Pacific Federal Council – Alternation information

The Pacific Federal Council has asked us to share the following information regarding alternation options for members who have been affected. PSAC members who have received affected letters and are interested in alternation are encouraged to discuss their options with their manager/supervisor or HR representative.

The PFC is working on the Transition Management Centre, a regional pilot to provide an integrated and collaborative approach to address some of the anticipated impacts associated with the Deficit Reduction Action Plan. To this end, the TMC aims to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration regarding workforce management, including the placement of affected employees and the leveraging of existing tools and resources.
The TMC website, which is available on the federal government intrant, launched in April and provides useful pieces of information including:

  • the Marketplace for Mobility (orientation for employees and managers to existing public service sites, workforce adjustment material and other related links), which includes the Pacific Mobility Inventory – interdepartmental information on employee mobility. The Marketplace is posted on a secure webpage on the TMC website and  accessible to Managers and HR Advisors; departments are invited to provide information on positions that are affected (pending opting letters), opting, and also those positions that are not impacted and where employees have volunteered for alternation. The overall goal is to provide information interdepartmentally to increase the opportunities to place employees while in their opting period.
  • Employee wellness information and support material;
  • Demographics and labour market information

More information is available in the attached documents.