Peoples Social Forum Report Back

PSAC BC was proud to send seven delegates to the Peoples Social Forum, which took place August 21 through 24 in Ottawa. The goal of the Social Forum was to build a united and cohesive front – from coast to coast to coast – against the Conservative government’s corporate agenda, austerity, and privatization.

PSAC’s delegates came together with activists from across the country to share experiences, to learn, strategize and build practical alliances and coalitions in the struggle against the Harper government’s anti-worker, anti-public services agenda. Here’s what PSAC BC members had to say …

It was an honour to attend the Peoples Social Forum 2014 as a delegate of PSAC BC. The opportunity to provide my voice to strategise against the Harper government’s assaults on democracy and justice, to build relationships and networks with other movements, unions, organizations, and First Nations who hold a vision for a better Canada was an invaluable experience. Jill MacNeill, UEW Local 20729

In order to change Canada we need to have an entire shift in focus from the individual and refocus on the collective good. – Vanessa Miller, CEIU Local 209

I hope that PSAC and our components continues to support events such as this, as we work with groups on the ‘left’ to help build a more just society. Crystal Warner CEIU Local 209

I had countless conversations with activists from which I learnt so much. The energy, passion, and experience everyone brought to the forum was phenomenal. – Todd Smith, AGR Local 20044

This was a great event educationally, spiritually and personally. I look forward to sharing the renewed sense of Unionism I gained at this event in challenging our members to continue to stand up for what is right and to take down the Harper regime. – Jamey Mills, UTE 20027

I hope to share some of this knowledge with my local by holding a meeting or two to provide some education around the issues I became more educated on. My local president and I will be working to coordinate this in the near future and share our newly acquired tools and excitement for these important issues with our membership. – Shannon Brierley, CEIU 20947

Our delegation committed to reporting back and to bringing the networking, skills, knowlege, and experience they gained back to their Locals and to members in BC. Read their reports in full below.