Phoenix: Reminder about compensation for interest charges / Important information about overpayments

*** To PSAC Locals in the federal government – please share with your membership ***

As the new year begins and post-holiday bills start to arrive, Jamey Mills asked that we send out a reminder that PSAC successfully pushed Treasury Board to compensate our members for penalties, interest charges and other fees incurred due to pay problems. If you experienced a pay problem after your department or agency started using the Phoenix pay system, and you have incurred expenses because of incomplete or inaccurate pay, you should submit a claim. For more information visit the Phoenix FAQ at the PSAC national website.

Members who experienced overpayments in 2017 are also reminded that if the overpayment is reported to the pay centre by January 15, 2018 the government will only recover the net pay. The net pay is the exact amount of the overpayment you received. Visit for more information. Note that PSAC will continue to push for a full exemption – without having to take this step – from repaying the gross pay for all employees who received an overpayment due to Phoenix.