Photos: Rally in Esquimalt, August 10

Over 200 PSAC members and allies came together at a rally in Esquimalt, August 10, calling on the federal government to provide a fair wage offer during the current round of negotiations.

As inflation soars in Canada, Treasury Board has proposed an insulting wage offer that effectively forces federal public service workers to take a pay cut.

“The government offered average wage increases of only 1.75% per year over four years, which is completely out of touch with the skyrocketing cost of living.” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. “Here at CFB Esquimalt – and across the country – PSAC members are ramping up our pressure on the government so we can reach a fair agreement.”

PSAC declared impasse in Treasury Board negotiations in May following the government’s insulting wage offer that fails to keep up with soaring inflation, includes concessions around work-life balance, and rejects mandatory training on systemic racism and discrimination.

More than 120,000 PSAC members working at Treasury Board are currently in negotiations with the federal government, with approximately 4,000 in the Victoria area.

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