PSAC BC and the Make Every Voter Count campaign


Both regionally and nationally, PSAC believes that a proportional voting system will be good for our members – and all Canadians – as it will result in more fairness and democracy when we elect our governments.

Unlike the winner take all system, proportional representation gives equal value to every vote. We believe this leads to better government accountability, which is something PSAC has long advocated for.

Studies have also shown that proportional representation has a positive impact on policy choices made by governments. 

At a meeting in 2016 the PSAC National Board of Directors passed a resolution that called on our union to endorse and support a proportional voting system in Canada; to engage in a public education campaign that informs our members as well as the public; and directed that PSAC work with coalition partners who support proportional representation to achieve this goal.

It was in the spirit of that resolution that the PSAC BC Regional Council voted earlier this year to endorse and support the Make Every Voter Count campaign to bring proportional representation to British Columbia.

A proportional voting system would mean more choice in who to vote for and representatives that better reflect our collective concerns. It would mean improved cooperation and enhanced transparency in government and politicians who are more accountable to their constituents.

Along with many other Unions and civil society groups, we’re excited to be working with the Make Every Vote Count coalition to help bring a new kind of politics to BC.

I encourage members in BC to find out more and sign on to the campaign by visiting

Together we can bring a better kind of politics to our province.

In Solidarity,

Jamey Mills
Regional Executive Vice-President
Public Service Alliance of Canada, BC Region