PSAC BC and the United Way


It’s that time of year again: summer has turned to fall and the United Way’s Workplace Charitable Campaigns have begun.

I have been involved with and am particularly proud of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. The GCWCC is the largest workplace charitable campaign in Canada and is also one of the most successful, thanks to the generosity of the thousands of union members who work in the federal public service.

In many ways unions, PSAC included, and the United Way share similar visions: we improve lives, build stronger communities, create positive social change, and speak out for those who at times find it difficult to speak for themselves. Our partnership is based on shared values.

Beyond providing direct support to people in need in our communities, the United Way also works on many of the issues that we as union members have taken on: for example the campaigns for affordable childcare and a living wage, and the fight against child poverty in British Columbia.

By working with the United Way of Greater Victoria, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, and many other groups, we can play a vital role in making the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves a little better. 

In light of the problems with Phoenix, I know many of you who work for the federal government are worried that making a donation via a payroll deduction may cause an interruption or disruption in your regular pay. Depending on the United Way in area, there are other ways to make a contribution, including cash, cheque, automated withdrawal, and even Pay Pal.

Regardless of how you choose to do so, I encourage all members to get involved with your workplace campaign and give what you can. 

Together, we make a huge difference in the lives of many, many, British Columbians.

Let’s continue that good work!

In Solidarity,

Jamey Mills