PSAC BC logos, colours and typography

PSAC BC logo – web & digital

.png files on a transparent background

PSAC BC Logo – print projects

.eps files

PSAC BC colour palette

PSAC BC Dark Blue – Pantone 647C | C-91, M-62, Y-20, K-4 | #236192

PSAC BC Light Blue – Pantone 284C| C-49, M-20, Y-0, K-0 | #7FADE3

PSAC Red – Pantone 1805 | C-18, M-92, Y-100, K-8 | #C0311A

PSAC BC virtual backgrounds, Powerpoint and letterhead templates

Typeface guidelines

PSAC BC uses the Muli font family.


For more information contact Kristin Schnider, PSAC Vancouver Office