PSAC BC Mainland & Haida Gwaii Young Workers Committee – Soaring to Success Campaign

To PSAC Locals/Branches, Area Councils and Regional Committees in BC:

On behalf of the Mainland & Haida Gwaii Young Worker Committee, we would like to wish all PSAC members a very happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!

To mark the occasion, we are writing to share an important initiative – Soaring to Success – by a group of Indigenous workers that came out of the PSAC’s Introduction to the Union for Indigenous Members course. 

The Soaring to Success campaign represents an action plan to bring art supplies to the students at Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary, located in Haida Gwaii. The objective is to promote the importance of culturally appropriate education, with the understanding that it leads to improved education outcomes. On behalf of our Indigenous workers, we humbly request your support for this initiative through a suggested donation of $25.00.