PSAC BC Racially Visible Caucus News!

Hello Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,  

For those who do not know me and were not at our very first online PSAC BC Racially Visible Caucus meeting for the year on June 2, 2021, I am Celine Ahodekon, your newly elected Racially Visible Coordinator. 

I have been an active member of the union since 2005, holding different roles from Chief Steward of my local to the National Equity Representative for Racially Visible members of the Union of National Employees (UNE) of PSAC.

First, I would like to sincerely thank each one of you who was able to join our very first Caucus meeting and I hope that more will join us as we progress. I have to say, your energy and enthusiasm inspire, motivate and put a smile on my face. So, thank you!   

I would also like to introduce my Alternate, Kelly Sidhu, an active volunteer with the union in equity and social justice for over 10 years and the past PSAC BC Regional Women’s Coordinator.  

I am confident that, together, and with your support and dedication, we will make things happen.   

The PSAC BC Racially Visible Caucus will work hard to forward the Racially Visible members’ agenda through celebrations, commemorative special events, networking, and sharing experiences related to discrimination, racism, and other important topics.

Here, in a nutshell, is what we will be focusing on in the year 2021:   

  • Compelling topics that focus on tackling emerging issues, trends, best practices, innovative ideas, and thought-provoking dialogues around the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • Building a strong network of racially visible members within PSAC, CLC, and other organizations 
  • Working closely with allies to foster understanding 
  • Sharing ideas, articles, and links concerning related topics once our web page is up and running 

Brothers, Sisters, and Friends, I encourage those who have not yet self-identified as racialized members, to do so using the Self-ID form here.

Now is the time for us to work together to voice languishing concerns and issues faced by racialized members. The stakes are high and we have a lot of work to do! Ergo, we need every racially visible member, there is strength in numbers.

Upcoming event – Racially Visible Activity Kick off and working committee

The third week in November is proclaimed as Multiculturalism Week annually in B.C. 

We would like to put together an organizing committee to plan and organize a celebration of our province’s diversity! The committee will decide on the date of the celebration and the activities. If you are interested, please email your name to Monica Urrutia, by no later than Monday, August 20, 2021.  

Any ideas, comments, and suggestions, please send them our way!  

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Celine Ahodekon 
PSAC BC Regional Council Racially Visible Coordinator