PSAC BC Regional Convention: Technical Requirements and Best Practices

Greetings Delegates and Observers, 

There are just two short months to go before the first ever virtual PSAC Regional Convention, which is taking place May 6-9, 2021 in the BC Region. To help you prepare, we’ve attached a detailed document that outlines the connectivity tips and best practices for participating in the virtual convention. 

We ask that you carefully read through the attached and determine whether or not you anticipate any connection issues with the virtual platform with respect to hardware access (device, microphone, sound capability, video/camera, etc.) or internet access. We also strongly suggest that you test all your technology well in advance of the PSAC BC Regional Convention this May to ensure that it is functional. 

If you anticipate a connection issue related to hardware or internet access, please contact the REVP Office via email ( and outline your situation. Please submit your potential connection issues no later than Friday, March 19, 2021. The PSAC will work to ensure that all delegates are able to fully participate in the virtual PSAC BC Regional Convention this May and will endeavour to mitigate all challenges where possible.