PSAC members at YVR give their bargaining team a strong mandate

Approximately 70 members of Public Service Alliance of Canada who fuel planes at Vancouver International Airport have voted overwhelmingly to engage in strike action at YVR, should it be necessary.

“Overwhelmingly is actually an understatement,” said Bob Jackson, Regional Executive Vice-President for BC, “Our members gave PSAC a 100% strike mandate.”

“We have one more session of conciliation with the employer, GlobeGround Fuel Services, but there are still some major issues the employer is refusing to address. Our members know that by giving the bargaining team their full support they send a message to management that we are strong and united.”

Outstanding issues include

  • Wages: The employer is offering most increases as a lump sum
  • Scheduling: The employer is refusing to offer any protection from moving to split-shift schedules
  • Leave: The employer wants to remove leave for critical illness in the family

A final session with a Conciliation Officer is scheduled for July 4.