PSAC members take action in Nanaimo

PSAC members and allies took action during the Liberal Cabinet meeting in Nanaimo on August 22nd.

Approximately 150 members, along with PSAC National President Chris Aylward and Regional Executive VP Jamey Mills gathered at a rally outside the Service Canada office on Front Street, then marched to the meeting to loudly deliver an in-person message to the Justin Trudeau and his Ministers.

For more than two years, over 200,000 federal public service workers have suffered because of the Phoenix pay system.

Chris reminded the Prime Minister that, despite missed paycheques, fending off debt collectors, and managing endless stress, PSAC members continue to come to work every day to deliver essential public services.

He called on the Prime Minister to show the same commitment to workers that they show Canadians every day by mandating Treasury Board to come to the bargaining table without delay and by doing more to ensure workers are paid correctly and on time.

MPs Alistair MacGregor and Sheila Malcolmson brought Solidarity from the NDP caucus, shared the stories they continue to hear from constituents affected by the Phoenix pay system, and committed to continue to raise the issue in Parliament.