PSAC scent free policy

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is committed to ensuring that all members with disabilities are able to effectively participate in order to contribute to the organization’s mandate.

In this regard, the PSAC recognizes that accessibility is an essential requirement for the participation of members with environmental disabilities.

In consideration for the health of our Sisters and Brothers who may suffer from environmental disabilities, and with the goal of eliminating a contaminant from the air, the PSAC requests that all participants attending any union function refrain from using scented products. These include scented perfumes, colognes, lotions, hairsprays, deodorants and other products promoted by the fragrance industry.

A participant who notices a problem is encouraged to address the person in a cordial and respectful manner. Any unresolved issues may be brought to the attention of the organizers who may investigate and attempt to find a reasonable accommodation.

By working together we can create healthier environments for ALL, and accommodate the needs of persons who have environmental disabilities.