Report of the BC Regional Triennial Convention, Vancouver, BC June 16-18, 2017

Over 180 delegates, observers, and guests gathered at the PSAC BC Regional Convention which took place June 16,17,18 in Vancouver.

On Friday delegates heard from Irene Lanzinger, President of the BC Federation of Labour, and Robyn Benson, PSAC National President, who brought greetings from the BC labour movement and our Sisters and Brothers across the country, and spoke about the importance of political action and getting involved in our union. Delegates also debated resolutions, passed the PSAC BC Region’s budget for the next three years, held a lunch time rally which called on the government to fix the Phoenix pay system and bargain fairly with federal government workers, and honoured Alice West, an important and inspiring PSAC activist.

On Saturday, participants heard from two members of the PSAC family who were recently elected to office: Janet Routledge, NDP MLA for Burnaby North and Bowinn Ma, NDP MLA for North Vancouver – Lonsdale. Janet and Bowinn both spoke about why they decided to get involved in politics and the importance of political engagement. Delegates also continued debating resolutions and the regional bylaws.

Some of the resolutions that were passed by the convention included: GEN-23, which calls on PSAC to educate members on the importance of a national water policy; GEN-24 which calls on PSAC to increase participation in our national Health and Safety Conference; GEN-18, which calls on PSAC to ensure members with disabilities have fuller access to the services they need to participate in PSAC events; and GEN-42, which calls on PSAC to re-activate a Charter Challenge that will fight to unionize student employees in the federal public service. The full list of resolutions is available in the report below.

On Sunday delegates chose Jamey Mills as the new PSAC BC Regional Executive Vice-President, and elected the new PSAC BC Regional Council. Members in BC and guests from Ottawa also paid tribute to outgoing REVP Bob Jackson, who retired after an almost four decade career as a public service worker and union activist.

A full convention report is available for download below.