Standing together for our public services – National Day of Action Thursday, March 1st, 2012

As part of the fight-back activities that we all committed to at the President’s Conference in 2011 we are asking PSAC members in BC to in a National Day of Action Thursday, March 1st at lunchtime.
On March 1st PSAC members across the country will congregate outside of their worksites and hold signs that say “Standing Together for Public Services”. Each worksite is encouraged to take a photo of their action, no matter how big or small, and we will publish them at the national website – this will send a clear message to the Harper Government in advance of the budget that we are strong and united.
Here in BC members can email their photos to Patrick Bragg –

In the upcoming budget the government is promising to make reckless cuts to the public services Canadians rely on. This Conservative austerity plan will have a devastating impact on families and communities across Canada.
These cuts will hurt, not help, our economy and could lead to the loss of up to 100,000 public and private sector jobs. It’s absurd to force us to choose between a strong economy and strong public services. Canadians need both!
On March 1st thousands of PSAC members across the country will be standing together at their worksites to demand better.
Your PSAC Regional Representative will soon be in touch on a Local-by-Local basis with more information and to let you know how you can get your members involved.
Together, in every city, every Local, and every worksite in BC we need to send a message to the government – Canadians deserve better!

In Solidarity, Bob Jackson REVP BC