Standing Together for Public Services and Fairness – a message from the REVP

I would like to thank all and congratulate all the PSAC members who participated in our provincial Day of Action. And, of course, all the members who worked hard to help organize the event by plant gating, desk dropping, and coordinating the delivery of signs. Please pass this message on!

We showed our employers – and our fellow members – yesterday that we are united, ready, and committed to defending public services, our collective agreements, and our working conditions. When we all work together, we are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

After reading the reports and seeing the photos, which have streamed in from work sites in every corner of our province I am confident our ready for the task ahead, and I am proud of the work we’ve done and the visibility we’ve achieved, both in our work sites and in the public eye.

We are still gathering reports and photos, but it is safe to say thousands of members participated and I look forward to reporting back at the next National Board of Directors meeting in June. BC leads the way, once again.

The road before us will be filled with challenges but I know we are ready to meet those challenges head on!

Again, thank you, and Solidarity Forever!