Stephen Harper needs a letter from you!

Despite a huge outcry from British Columbians, the federal government still plans to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, affecting the PSAC/UCTE members who work at the station and putting lives at risk in Vancouver’s busy harbour. Politicians from all levels of government, community groups, and Unions have rallied to call on the government to “Keep It Open” and reverse this foolish decision.
This month’s action comes from the Jericho Sailing Center (JSC), one of the community groups calling for the decision to be reversed. The JSC is an Ocean Access Community Centre in Vancouver offering a wide variety of low cost ocean access programs to Vancouverites. As well as participating with PSAC in rallies and events designed to raise awareness about the closure, JSC recently launched a letter writing campaign to Stephen Harper. They have developed a letter (pdf version here) that says
While local Conservative MP’s have abandoned ship on representing their constituents; Vancouver’s marine transportation, industrial and recreational communities, along with all of our other elected officials, will remain strongly united in opposing this dangerous decision. I will not vote for a party that closes the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station.
Volunteers from the JSC spent last weekend gathering over 3,000 letters at the Vancouver Boat Show, and hope to gather a total of 10,000 before sending the letters to Ottawa. They are also asking concerned citizens to send their own letter.
The Vancouver Area Council has shown its support throughout this campaign to UCTE 20223, the local whose members’ employment may be impacted by this federal government decision. Our Area Council members have participated in rallies, gotten hundreds of people to sign the petition to stop the closure, helped at outreach tables and more.
Now we are asking you to please join with the JSC in opposing the closure! Print the attached (back-to-back), sign, fold and send the postage-free letter to Stephen Harper (no envelope required). Tell him to Keep It Open!
We’ve sent our letters in already, we hope you send yours today!
In Solidarity,
Jamey Mills, President, Vancouver Area Council
Monica Urritia, PSAC Regional Rep, Vancouver