Strike information sessions and training for Treasury Board members

PSAC members across the country are continuing to mobilize to put pressure on Treasury Board to come to the bargaining table ready to negotiate a new contract that includes fair wages that keep up with inflation, job security, equity in the workplace, and better work-life balance. 

But if the employer isn’t willing do this, PSAC members must be prepared to escalate our actions, up to and including taking strike action. 

Over the coming weeks, PSAC BC has scheduled a series of one-hour strike information session and a one-day in-person strike preparation training course for Treasury Board members in the North Vancouver Island catchment (PA, TC, SV, and EB groups).

Strike Information Sessions for Treasury Board members, one-hour virtual session

This short session intends to provide info on the various types of strikes, strike pay, and the roles of members when on strike.

Strike Preparation Training for Treasury Board members, one-day in-person course

This introductory training will cover the collective bargaining process, where we are, how we got here, including the key aspects of how strikes are governed. You will examine the various types of strikes and some of the tactics involved. We will look at the various roles of members called out on strike, members who are not on strike and members who are essential workers. We will develop collective and workable solutions to the major problems that striking workers face.

Online Strike Preparation Training, 3-hour self-directed course

Nationally, PSAC has also launched an online strike training course that members can complete at their own pace. This course will help Treasury Board members learn more about strike action, how strikes work, and where they fit in bargaining process.