Summer 2020 non-PSAC education course subsidies

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted our face to face education for the time being. The PSAC B.C. Education Program wanted to ensure that members who are seeking non-PSAC educational opportunities have access to some support in the coming months. One way to do this is by expanding our non-PSAC education course subsidies. PSAC B.C. Education program has decided to offer an additional four (4) x $250.00 subsidies.

Between June and August, PSAC B.C. members can apply for a subsidy to the maximum amount of $250.00 to help support their participation in non-PSAC education courses.  Generally, these educational opportunities may include online courses offered by District Labour Councils, Federations of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress, community organizations or other progressive and/or labour organizations within Canada.

More information about process and the online subsidy application is available here.

Applications should:

  • be received four (4) weeks prior to registration deadline
  • contain a rationale why the course would be valuable for the applicant
  • give an indication how the information/experience obtained at the course will be used by the participant in union activities
  • indicate any other efforts the applicant has made to obtain funding
  • include a commitment to provide a written report to the Regional Education Officer and the REVP’s office within one month following the course.
  • Whether the applicant has previously received PSAC BC Region subsidies will be taken into consideration in addition to the above required information.
  • The Regional Education Officer will make recommendations on successful applicants to the REVP following consultation with the BC Regional Council Education Committee and the RC. The REVP will make the final decision.

Successful applicants will be notified by the Regional Education Officer and the approved subsidy will be issued after attending the course and confirmation of attendance has been received.


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