Support WestJet pilots! Help them get a fair first collective agreement.

Airline pilots represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) are in a difficult round of bargaining for a first-ever collective agreement with WestJet Airlines. The membership has given ALPA a strike mandate and negotiations are at a critical juncture. WestJet pilots are determined to win industry-standard compensation and working conditions. They need our support

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Jamey Mills, Regional Executive Vice-President, has sent a letter to WestJet, read it below …

Edward Sims
WestJet President and CEO
Calgary, Alberta

Dear Sir,

I write today on behalf of 18,000 Public Service Alliance of Canada members in British Columbia, many of whom are WestJet customers.

WestJet pilots play a crucial role in the success of WestJet Airlines.

We are disappointed to see that after eight months of negotiations, management is not prepared to provide pilots with a contract that is in line with their peers in terms of total compensation, healthy work rules, and job security.

We encourage you, as President and CEO, to take a leadership role in these negotiations, to listen to your pilots, to address their issues at the bargaining table and to negotiate a fair contract that values the contribution they make to the company.

It’s time to close this deal!

Yours Truly,

Jamey Mills
Regional Executive Vice-President, BC
Public Service Alliance of Canada

Captain Dan Adamus, President (Canada Board), Air Line Pilots Association
Chris Aylward, PSAC National President
PSAC members and staff in British Columbia