On December 3: Tell Treasury Board it’s time to make this right

On December 3: tell Treasury Board it’s time to make this right

The first of several Public Interest Commission hearings set up to mediate a deal between PSAC members in the PA, TC, SV, and EB groups and Treasury Board begins December 4.

This is our opportunity to send a clear message to the employer that they must be prepared to:

  1. Offer appropriate compensation for Phoenix damages to be paid equitably in cash; not just a few meagre days of leave.
  2. Negotiate a collective agreement that delivers both fair wage increases and the working conditions that make balancing family and work possible.

On December 3, PSAC is calling on members in BC to show your support for the bargaining teams by organizing a workplace action – large or small – and sending us a photo.
Use the materials we’ve sent out to Locals and worksites already – or download a placard here – and send your photos and a caption to BraggP@psac-afpc.com
And if you haven’t yet, sign on to PSAC’s mandate letter to the new Treasury Board President. Join with the over 12,000 members from across the country who have signed on – send an email today!