Federal Election 2021

You can choose a government that supports workers and the services they provide. With over 215,000 PSAC members across Canada, we can make a real difference.

Ask the candidates

Use this tool to send an email: find out where election candidates in your riding stand on the issues that are important to you.

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Pledge to vote

Vote for a candidate who supports public services and workers

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PSAC members name their top election issues

In anticipation of a federal election, we invited PSAC members to participate in a survey in June 2021, where we asked which election issues mattered most to them, and what they wanted their union to provide to support them in casting an informed vote.

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In this election, we can make sure no one is left behind 

This election is Canada’s opportunity to choose leaders who will make life better for everyone: a government that will make investments in public services, take care of those who need help, correct inequality, and ensure the wealthiest Canadians pay their fair share.

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