Workplace problem solving

This page contains news and information for Stewards and Local Representatives.

Download these commonly used forms.

PSAC grievance form -Shop stewards can use this form to file grievances on behalf of their members – download one here.

PSAC grievance transmittal form – Use this form to advance a grievance to the next stage – download one here.

PSAC stewards fact sheet – This fact sheet can be used to collect information on the issue or problem that a grievance seeks to address. This will help stewards ensure that the grievance process and timeframes have been respected – download one here.

Doing Things Differently: A Disability Rights At Work Handbook

This guide is designed for trade union leaders, union staff representatives, local executive, committee members and shop stewards. The handbook provides an overview of disability rights issues in Canada, with a specific focus on advancements and challenges in workplaces and in the union movement.

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Your rights at work: Vaccinations and COVID-19 screening

As more Canadian workers become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and some employers make plans for a gradual return to workplaces, it’s more important than ever to know your rights when it comes to mandatory vaccinations and COVID-19 testing.

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