United Way Workplace Giving Campaigns – once again a success thanks to our hard work.

I’d like to congratulate all the PSAC members in British Columbia for making the United Way workplace giving campaigns, once again, a success. Thank you to those of who worked hard on the campaigns and to those of you who donated to a very worthy cause.

PSAC BC was honored this year to be the recipient of the Labour Spirit award, given by the United Way of the Lower Mainland; members working with the Fraser Valley Labour Council received a Labour Spirit Award; workers at the Pacific Forestry Centre in Victoria received the Naden Band Spirit of Excellence Award; and the Department of National Defence in Victoria was honoured with a Half Million Dollar Spirit Award.

Together we raised millions of dollars that will go towards creating real and lasting changes for the good in communities throughout the province.

As I’ve said many times I think it’s important to be involved with the work the United Way does. Both for all the people the United Way helps in our communities, of course, but also for the PSAC.

In many ways unions and the United Way share similar visions: we improve lives, build stronger communities, create positive social change, and speak out for those who at times find it difficult to speak for themselves. We at PSAC believe very much in this work and are proud of the work we do and the recognition our members have received from the United Way and their partners over the years.

It goes without saying our partnership with the United Way is based on shared values, and I look forward to it lasting many years!

In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson