Webinars: Returning to Work & Covid-19: Family and Health Barriers

PSAC BC has scheduled a webinar on returning to work after the pandemic. In order to accommodate members’ schedules, this webinar will be delivered twice


Returning to Work & Covid-19; Family and Health Barriers

Are you or someone in your household at high-risk if you contract Covid-19? Do you have child or elder care obligations that you’re concerned about meeting because of Covid-19? Are you worried about how you will balance work and family?

As many workplaces reopen, take some time to learn about human rights legislation and the employer’s duty to accommodate for disability and family status.

Join us for an online learning opportunity. We will cover;

  • An overview of the employer’s duty to accommodate (DTA);
  • How to initiate a request for accommodation;
  • What you can expect from the accommodation process; and
  • How your union can support you.

This opportunity is open to all PSAC BC members and others in their household.