Welcome members of DCL 22005, Community Residential Facilities Program, Rising Sun

PSAC BC is thrilled to welcome members from our newest Directly Chartered Local: DCL 22005 for the Community Residential Facilities Program, Rising Sun, operated by Phoenix Society in Surrey. This employer provides transitional supportive housing for men moving to community living after experiencing federal incarceration.

The Community Residential Facilities Program is funded federally through Correctional Service Canada, and Rising Sun is one program among many like this across the province. These new PSAC members work as residential support workers, licensed practical nurses, case workers, counsellors, health care aids and cleaners.

In 2020 Rising Sun workers collectively began to organize towards unionization and a certification vote was held in July 2021. The group stood strong while the employer launched a legal challenge against their desire to form a union. In November 2021 the BC Labour Relations Board decided in favour of PSAC and ordered that the vote be counted. 100% of the ballots cast were in favour of joining PSAC as a Directly Chartered Local.

Welcome DCL 22005 to PSAC BC and congratulations on this win!