YVR Bargaining Issue of the Day: Contracting Out

As bargaining between PSAC/UCTE Local 20221 (members working directly for YVR) and the Airport Authority ramps up, the bargaining team has prepared a series of issue papers designed to inform members around key issues at the table. Here’s  Issue Paper #5 – Contracting Out

Issue:  Bargaining Unit Work/Contracting In & Out

Article 39, 43 & Letter of Understanding

Union Proposal:

39.01 Duties normally performed by employees within the bargaining unit will not be performed by excluded staff, except in cases of emergencies where no other bargaining unit employee is available, or for training purposes.  Contractors will not do bargaining unit work.

39.03 During the term of this collective agreement the Employer will not lay off (New)nor reduce the hours of work of any bargaining unit member.

43.01 There shall be no contracting out or privatisation of bargaining unit work, except by explicit mutual agreement in writing between the Union and the Employer

Letter of Understanding – Joint Committee on Contracting In

This Committee would undertake a review of any existing sub-contract work which would otherwise be bargaining unit work with a view to assessing the practicality and cost-effectiveness of having such work performed within YVR by members of the bargaining unit.


Our proposal(s) are a necessary measure to protect all Bargaining Unit members from the deliberate agenda of this Employer to reduce the size of our Bargaining Unit through the use of Contractors.  Recent history has shown us, the willingness of the Employer to hire consultants to verify the viability of contracting out in all areas of the Airport.  This trend will continue if we do not achieve changes to the current language in our Collective Agreement.