YVR Bargaining Issue of the Day: Flexible Hours

As bargaining between PSAC/UCTE Local 20221 (members working directly for YVR) and the Airport Authority ramps up, the bargaining team has prepared a series of issue papers designed to inform members around key issues at the table. Here’s  Issue Paper #2 – Flexible Hours.

Issue: Flexible Hours

Article 27.10

Union Proposal:

Upon approval from the Employer, an employee may be granted flexible daily hours.  Such approval shall not be unreasonably denied.


We received multiple proposals from many departments on this topic. Our proposal is designed to allow non-shift employees who work Monday-Friday the ability to do 10 days work in 9 days.  This would enable them to be off on the 10th day; adding substantial flexibility and life-work balance to these Employees lives.  Proposals similar to this have been at the bargaining table for the past three rounds of bargaining.  The Employer has failed to address this issue in each of those rounds of bargaining.  The Employer insists that this type of flexible schedule is not possible given our corporate model, yet this schedule has been in place in the past. Many Companies have this type of flexible time and its time for this Company to stand up and become the “Top Employer” they claim to be.