Call for Nominations – Delegates to PSAC BC Regional Convention from Equity Seeking Groups and Young Worker Caucus

To:     PSAC members who have self-ID as being in an equity-seeking group, PSAC members thirty years of age and younger.

Per section 9 of the PSAC BC Regional Bylaws, we will be holding an election for delegates to represent equity-seeking groups (Members with a Disability, Aboriginal, Racially Visible, and GLBT) and Young Workers at the upcoming PSAC BC Regional Convention.

Section 9

Sub-Section (4): each recognized B.C. Regional equity seeking group shall be entitled to one (1) delegate to the B.C. Regional Triennial Convention.

Sub-Section (7): Youth shall be entitled to three (3) delegates to the B.C. Regional Triennial Convention to represent their constituency.

The Regional Convention will be held April 25 – 27th 2014 in Vancouver, visit the convention page for more information.

To self ID as a member of an equity-seeking group or young worker, use our online form here.

Nominations Procedure

Members who are interested in putting their names forward as a delegate to convention should download and return a nomination form, via fax or email, along with an optional 1 page biography and/or statement.

To nominate or be nominated you must be a member in good standing. Nominees must have completed a self-ID form.

The deadline for nominations is close of business, January 3rd 2014. NOTE: the nominations deadline for delegates from the Aboriginal and GLBT caucuses has been extended to January 22 2014.

Elections Procedure

Per past practice, we will conduct the elections online. The voting period will take place between January 6th and January 25th 2014.