Join PSAC BC for a series of ‘lunch and learns’ on election issues

As part of our election work, PSAC BC is hosting a series of lunch time webinars on the issues that members have told us are important to them. These short 30-45 minute “lunch and learns” are designed as town-hall style conversations, with time for your questions and comments at the end.

September 8: Why must women be at at the forefront of a pandemic recovery that leaves no one behind?

Join PSAC BC for a lunchtime conversation with Danyel Haughton, PSAC Women’s Programs Officer, Karen Sutton, PSAC BC Regional Council Women’s Coordinator, and Monica Urrutia, PSAC Vancouver Office. Our panel will talk about how – and why – women were impacted far more than men by the pandemic, and how the next government can make this right.

September 9: A pandemic recovery that leaves no one behind

Join PSAC BC for a lunchtime conversation with Alex Hemmingway, Senior Economist and Public Finance Policy Analyst at the CCPA BC office, and Todd Smith, PSAC Vancouver Area Council President to hear about how investing in strong public services will help build a Canadian pandemic recovery that puts working people first – and how we can pay for them.

September 15: Why is childcare central to Canada’s pandemic recovery?

Join PSAC BC for a lunchtime conversation with Sharon Gregson, Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, and Nielene Chand, PSAC West Fraser Valley Area Council President, to hear about how the lack of affordable and accessible child care impacted Canadian families during the pandemic, the economic and social benefits of a strong national child care program, and how child care will be central to Canada’s recovery.

Everyone welcome! Hope to see you there!