PSAC Publications and Resources for Locals, Committees, and Area Councils

PSAC produces a wide variety of toolkits, booklets and resource guides for Leaders, Locals and Branches, and Regional Committees and Area Councils. We have collected them here as a resource for members.

If you would like a printed copy of any of these materials, contact your regional office or PSAC Representative.

updated August 2022

Connect With Your Union Poster (2024 version)

Flowchart: Bargaining under the BC Code – A resource for PSAC members who work under the BC Labour Code (2022)

PSAC BC guidelines for membership meetings (June 2023)

Violence and Harassment Toolkit: A guide for PSAC locals and members (2022)

PSAC BC Orientation Kit For New Members (2022)

PSAC BC Area Councils and Regional Committees Info Sheet (2024)

PSAC BC: Understanding Area Councils and Regional Committees (2023)

PSAC Local/Branch Officers’ Handbook (2021)

PSAC Young Workers Committee Handbook (2021)

Area Council and Regional Committee Funding & Reporting Procedures (2021)

Human Rights Committee Handbook (2020)

Regional Women’s Committee Handbook (2020)

PSAC Organization/Structure Map (2019)

Preparing for an AGM – resource document for Committees and Area Councils

Best practices for conducting a meeting – resource document for Committees and Area Councils

Duty to Accommodate Guide (2019)

Retiring from the Public Service of Canada – Tips and information for PSAC members ** hired before January 1, 2013 **

Retiring from the Public Service of Canada – Tips and information for PSAC members ** hired on or after January 1, 2013 **

Building Trans-Inclusive Workplaces: A Guide for Managers, Unions and Workers (2019)

Gender-Inclusive Washrooms in Your Workplace: A Guide for Employees and Managers (2019)

Employment Equity – A toolkit for PSAC members (2018)

PSAC Shop Steward Tool Kit (2017)

PSAC Works For Women 24 page booklet (2014)

A Guide To Involving Young Workers (2016 revised version)

The Real Rules About Union Activity in the Workplace (2015) – info about deskdrops, etc.

Your Political Rights – Use Them! (2015)

Mental Health at work – Why it matters (2014)

Sick Leave in the Federal Public Service: a Reality Check (2014 brochure)

Fight The Attack on Public Services (2014) – Prepared for the BC Federation of Labour Convention

Top 10 Historical Gains For PSAC Members poster (2014)

PSAC Works For Women handout (2013)

Union Orientation for New Members, a tool for stewards (2013)

Recruitment and Mobilization Toolkit for Area Councils and Committees (2012)

Health & Safety Tool Kit (2011) A Handbook for Union Officers, Representatives, H&S Committee Members and Activists

A Steward’s Guide to Grievance Handling (2011)

PSAC Rules of Order (amended 2010)

Disability Insurance PSAC Local Officer’s Assistance Kit (2010)

Disability Insurance – A handful of tips for PSAC members (2010)

Take Action! Everything you need to know to mobilize workers to win positive change (2008)