Updated procedures concerning nominations at the PSAC BC Regional Convention

As our Regional Conventions will now be held virtually, our nominations, campaigns and election procedures must also reflect this change. The purpose of this email is to provide delegates with information on the nominations process and caucus eligibility for constituency/equity caucus for elections that will take place during the postponed PSAC BC Regional Convention.

NominationsAs provided in the updated Convention Call on pages 20-21, any member in good standing may run for union office subject to any qualifying requirements in the Regional By-Laws (including geographic, equity, constituency, etc.) regarding each position. For all positions elected at the Regional Convention, candidates must live and/or work in the B.C. Region. Moreover, the nominator and seconder must be delegates to the PSAC B.C. Regional Convention. Should a nomination form that was submitted in 2020 require revision to update the name of the nominator or seconder to the postponed PSAC B.C. Regional Convention, such amendment will be allowed and will not alter the ranking order of the nomination.

While members who will be present at the Regional Convention can be nominated from the floor, members are strongly encouraged to submit their nominations in advance of the Regional Convention.

A nomination form is available for download below. For further information on the nominations process, please contact PSAC B.C. Regional Coordinator Luc Guevremont (GuevreL@psac-afpc.com).